We are currently a mobile business so we'll come to your location.

1. Before your session

We'll send you a consent form to sign.

It's a good idea to be hydrated before your session, if you can add lemon to your water that would be spectacular.

Wear loose clothing so we can easily get to the targeted area.

If you are getting treatment for skin make sure your skin is clean and free of lotion and makeup.

And only if you can.....Take a sauna before, avoid alcohol, and avoid caffeine (I know none of these are easy if you can't, don't feel bad).


2. During your session

We'll ask if we can take measurements (you don't have to)

We'll ask if you want before and after pictures that are only for you (again, you don't have to)

We can answer any questions you have, set goals and educate you on cryotherapy.

We've seen everything so please don't be embarrassed. You are where you're at and it's only going to get better!

It's going to be slightly cold on the targeted area but you're in Minnesota, you saw worse things on Tuesday.


3. After your session

Continue to hydrate.

There really is no down time so you can do whatever but we'd recommend staying out of a sauna and hot tub for at least two hours.

Lymphatic massage helps with even greater results, we'll explain when we see you.

Some people notice that they go to the bathroom more often, it's probably the waste being expelled from your body ;) be gone bad cells.

And again only if you can.....avoid processed food, sugary food, and alcohol for at least 1 day. Remember you are paying for this service so you can change your body. They don't call it change if it stays the same.

When I am done with my sessions will the fat come back? The fat cells are removed permanently. New fat cells can regenerate depending on your lifestyle choices but you are going to make better lifestyle choices now.